Scent & Spirit

Artisan, self-care products with beautiful colours to uplift your spirits. They're made with premium, non-toxic chemicals and cruelty-free ingredients.

How it's Made

Every item is hand-poured, tested, labeled and packaged in Caledon, Ontario. We make sure no parabens, phthalate or nitro musk is added in our ingredients. Also, materials such as 100% cotton wicks, sustainably sourced wood wicks and biodegradable glitters are chosen for eco-friendly and health purposes.


Soy wax candles that give pleasant and relaxing aromas, with a clean and long lasting burn. 

Bar Soaps

Vegetable base soaps, infused with essential oil blends and botanicals that feel and smell great. 

Wax Melt Bars

Customize your pack with a variety of scents to choose from. Wax melts allows you to change up the aroma for whatever mood your in. 

Bath Salts

Spirit bath salt crystals increase a relaxing effects of a warm bath after a strenuous exertion.

About Us

Hi I'm Tabitha, founder of Scent & Spirit, I've always had a love for creating my own handmade items, specifically with a special interest in candles, soaps and other self care products.

It was important to me making my own blends with chemical-free ingredients and oils, that I'm now ready to share with you to enjoy.

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Our Sales and Distribution 

Caledon, Ontario. Canada.


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